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„Apple Mail“

email configuration

El. pašto konfigūravimas „Apple Mail“ programoje

Example, how using „Apple Mail“ program to set up your mailbox.

„Apple Mail“ programa
Select the program icon

Select „Apple Mail“ icon on your desktop and on top of the new window select „Mail“ and „Add Account...“.

„Apple Mail“ el. pašto konfigūravimas


Select „Other Mail Account...“

On the next window select „Other Mail Account...“ and press „Continue“.

„Apple Mail“ el. pašto konfigūravimas


Filll in your mailbox information

Fill in your name and email address. Important: your username is your full mailbox name. Insert your password. Then press „Sign in“.

„Apple Mail“ el. pašto konfigūravimas


Insert your incoming and outgoing mail host name

Check if in this window it is automatically selected IMAP mailbox type. It is recommended to choose this type.
Depending on information that you have been provided for configuration, use IMAP host name (,, and other). Type host name in „Incoming Mail Server“ and „Outgoing Mail Server“ fields. Press „Sign in“.

„Apple Mail“ el. pašto konfigūravimas


Choose useful programs

In opened window choose which programs you will use with your mailbox. Press „Done“.

„Apple Mail“ el. pašto konfigūravimas


Your mailbox configuration is complete

Your email is configured. In the new window you will see your mailbox content.

„Apple Mail“ el. pašto konfigūravimas